Art Enhances Corporation's Image

From: Caribbean Business / September 28, 2000


"Art is an investment; it never loses its elegance and it tells visitors something about your company," said Gail Biaggi, president of Biaggi & Faure Fine Art Inc., when explaining the relationship between art and business.


Biaggi, along with partner Carlos Faure, established the company 10 years ago as an art gallery that offers professional consulting services. The two-person operation sells paintings, sculptures, and ceramics, and also helps businesses select pieces that suit both their preferences and corporate image. Consulting services are offered free of charge to those purchasing artwork.


Biaggi explained that art can motivate employees as well as leave an impression on visitors; that is why it is so important to carefully select pieces and know where to place them. She said to be aware of the space available; the size of the pieces should fit the size of the wall and the structure itself.


She cautions that it is also important to consider the type of business when selecting art. "There are executives who stay away of art with specific themes to avoid begin identified with a topic, issue or cause," she explained.


Although the clients always has the last word, the two Biaggi & Faure art experts visit the site and make suggestions such as a specific spot where certain pieces should be positioned . "I visit offices and sometimes bring the painting with me to place theme where I think they would go best to give the client an idea," Biaggi said.


Although each work of art has what she described as "its own personality," Biaggi said that the colors on the walls can help it look brighter and more attractive .She added that the frame can match the decor, if desired, but the painting itself should not be forced to match the decor.


Abstract painting and bright colors are now being preferred; landscapes and pastels are not, according to Biaggi, who explained that more companies are choosing paintings with bright colors because they are more dynamic and transmit energy, helping to create a positive atmosphere.


"The magic of abstract painting is that you don’t see all its elements at the same time," she said. The abstract movements is an artistic tendency of the mid-20th century that comprises diverse styles and techniques, emphasizing the artist’s liberty to convey attitudes and emotions through nontraditional and usually nonrepresentational means.

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